What does Kids on F.O.O.T mean?

Kids on Faith Of One Touch (KOF)

We believe that even at a young age, you can touch and impact other's lives through doing good, giving and helping where needed! Kids can be agents of change to a more positive, healthy, unified & fruitful society!  At KOF we provide opportunties for tamariki to learn about others, their needs and help them to think, create solutions and how they can help.

At Kids on F.O.O.T our mission is that each child would:

  • be valued
  • find out more about themselves
  • enhance their giftings and talents
  • build healthy relationships with other kids, youth and adults
  • be encouraged to be an asset to their families, schools and communities
  • learn more about giving and helping others

Here's just 1 example of how Kids on f.o.o.t

makes a difference - 

Kids on f.o.o.t spent their holidays learning about Baby Jireh who needed $50,000 for a cochlear ear implant - they sung this song to her and presented her with $3,000 after doing a fundraiser "Jumpin' & Jamin' for Jireh" doing various activities with parts of our bodies that we make take for granted, but Jireh faced challenges in the use of certain parts of her body.

Kids on foot have followed Jireh's life, and have witnessed first hand, what helping others can do - Jireh now has her 2 cochlear ear implants and she is walking - something she wasn't expected to do.  The kids had also fundraised a year after this to help her see a specialist so she could come off her feeding tube and eat through her mouth - she is eating very happily through eating through her mouth and no longer dependent on a feeding tube today - also something the doctors didn't expect her to be able to do!  What a miracle Jireh!!